A few notes about myself and my interests as, for reasons beyond my comprehension, some people desire to know these things.
Me in under 60 seconds
I'm a software engineer currently based in the South-East of England. A graduate from the University of Huddersfield, I have lived and worked in both the UK and Japan.
I have had a general interest in computing, not just in software development, since the days of the 8-bit micro. (I was a Sinclair brat.) LAMP(HP) applications are my main development-related passion. The Slack flavour of GNU/Linux is my OS of choice and you'll find me running either a Windowmaker or KDE desktop - my preference depends on the task.
Japanese language and culture have interested me for some time now. I consider my language level to be "basic", but I am still learning in the hope that one day I'll approach some level of fluency. I enjoy listening to popular (and on occasion more obscure) Japanese music.
A couple of my other interests include archery and reading.